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A210015 / Fiji / 10'0"x13'9" View image fullscreen

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A210015 / Fiji / 10'0"x13'9"


Designed to reinvent modern interior

Whilst the mystery of Polynesian art is still being unraveled, bold symbols, animalistic figures, and large symmetrical patterns start evolving on the looms at the Amadi weaving workshop.

The Fiji collection embodies a new take on the ancient South Pacific art of wood carving. Consequential shapes and rich, vibrant colours are a feature of the art and woven into rugs; these distinctive patterns truly push the boundaries of modern interior design. Deliberate use of raw materials and texture translate these bright, dazzling designs into a series of outstanding carpets.

Aumakua, named after the Polynesian god of family, this rug is composed of undulating shapes that create abstract anthropomorphic figures. Through using warm colors like chestnut brown, dark brown, and white, the rug is given a beautiful earthy feel.

Made from natural fibers and ethically produced in Afghanistan.

Seal 20-1446 (537)
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