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MC15121 - 9257 / Antique / 11'6"x16'0" View image fullscreen

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MC15121 - 9257 / Antique / 11'6"x16'0"


This is a Serapi rug made c. 1880s. It has a central floral like medallion that is surrounded by a soft reddish terra cotta color. It also has 4 structures in the corners before the border patterns begin. The border patterns are more dense and have less openness than the pattern in the center. The way the shapes flow and condense, range from large to small creates harmony in the piece.

The Serapi Rug is desirable because it was rarely seen produced after 1910. Most 19th century Serapi Rugs have a "multi-lobed center medallion" that is surrounded by four corner pieces inspired by nature.

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