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A190038 / Congo / 10'4"x13'8" View image fullscreen


A190038 / Congo / 10'4"x13'8"


In dialogue with the rainforest

The fascinating vibrance of African (Mbuti) barkcloth paintings inspired this collection infused with energy and life.  Moving compositions, once traditionally handpainted, mimic the imagery of the tropical rainforest, its lush vegetation, and its sounds and motions.  Each piece reveals familiar shapes, referring to paths, animals, flowers, singing birds, humming insects, and the chanting sounds of the (Mbuti) music.  Natural fibers in warm, earthy tones woven in different textures add to the organic feel of these paintings and truly enhance the inspiration behind this distinctive collection.

Our Riverbed design features linear animalistic shapes referencing the life found on the surrounding untouched Mbuti land. Through creating a design that mostly consists of lines, emphasizing the use of negative space, this rug becomes a minimalistic masterpiece of sophistication.

Made from natural fibers and ethically produced in Afghanistan.

Seal 18-1324
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